Who is Steve?

A husband, father, Burlington resident of 26 years, a community leader, a business owner, social innovator, entrepreneur, climate and mental health advocate, and a management innovations consultant.

In his spare time, he enjoys
cycling and hiking and is an avid jogger. He truly appreciates the outdoors and nature.



My name is Steven Rieck. I care. I have ideas and want to share them. I, like many of you, feel that the system that is supposed to serve the people, is not working as well as it could.

One day in July while out for a run, 'I had a crazy idea to run for Mayor to change the world.' What started out as a $200 Mayoral nomination to get City Hall to ‘listen', ended up being a ‘accidental campaign,’ mainly to be a voice of reason, perspective and ideas.

I am NOT a politician. No political affiliation, no ego, greed or other motive. Corny as it may sound, I just care about making Burlington and the world better.

What I have learned is that most citizens, myself included, just want politicians and public servants to “Do the RIght Thing.” What we really need is to stop the excuses, remove the bureaucratic barriers and the politically motivated posturing. In reality, we are moving too slow on climate issues, making silly mistakes and are over-complicating many issues.

I am here to offer ideas. I care about the people and the planet. I care about the issues more than the politics and I am here to support whoever wins.

Steven Rieck

If there was ONE thing that you would do if YOU were mayor, what would it be?

Email me at mayorsteve2022@gmail.com