Want to get involved?

Want to help out?
Email Steve .

Steve will be attending: the Chamber of Commerce debate on October 4th &
Roseland Community debates on Oct 11th.
(Both will be televised.)

He is happy to speak with or meet groups that have ideas to make the city better.

Steven is a collaborator and values community engagement.

Non-traditional campaigning means grassroots, 'for the people, by the people' and speaking the truth to see if that resonates with people. No lawn signs. No flyers. No traditional campaigns.

He wants to be a voice for the youth who are demanding action on climate and feel they are not being heard.
Win or lose, he wants to help the business community. The climate economy will create jobs and is an opportunity for business leaders to lead it.

"This is about the issues and not about me. I am just offering to be a voice for the issues and the people who are not being listened to."

This campaign is to be a voice for youth, citizens, business leaders and those who want positive change and just want a regular person to try to make things better... for the climate, the business community and our well-being.

He, like many of us, just want someone who is willing to speak the truth and do what is right, just and fair and has a common sense approach to things City Hall is over-complicating.

"Let's make working at City Hall and dealing with City Hall, and even solving the climate crisis, a more positive experience. Big goals worth trying!"

"Do the Right Thing!" is a message that is really resonating. A guiding principle.

Grassroots with focus on the people and issues that matter.

Contact MayorSteve2022@gmail.com to get involved or to ask a question.


We recommend donating to local causes and environmental groups in lieu of donating to the campaign.

Our frugal (Aka: fiscally responsible) campaign means our expenses are really low. $111 so far. Email e-transfers can pay for other expenses in final week.

Thanks for your support!
MayorSteve2022@gmail.com for info. Thanks for your interest.